Pinpoint. Going Up?

Your Best Choice

There are many things to be said for living in Long Island. It is beautiful, charming, perfect distance from the city… and EXPENSIVE! Many homeowners are opting to build onto their homes rather than upgrade to a new home. Here’s why.

1. Building costs less. Yes, while still expensive, you will get more square footage for your money building vs. buying larger. The average home in Port Washington sells for a whopping $600 per square foot and you probably still need to do work to that to update it! If you could build onto what you already have for about $150-200 per square foot, you are making a solid investment! And you get to enjoy a brand new space to boot 🙂

2. Searching for a new home is exhausting! Very exhausting.

3. Most homes you find will require work to make it what you want, so you will probably end up going through some construction anyway.

4. Your home is already special to you. Although maybe you need more space, your home is a special place and if you could make it bigger, than you get the best of both worlds!

5. Working with a design & build company gives you peace of mind! Here at Pinpoint, we don’t just send you a contractor, you will be working with our team of skilled craftsman and a professional designer (me!) I will guide you through the process, choosing materials, coordinating all of the things that need to come together to make your project perfect. Chris (my hubby) will be overseeing your construction project. He will make sure that work is being seen out as planned. Our hands on, detail oriented approach will leave you with the peace of mind that your home is in good hands!

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